Protection Warrior 4.0.1

Protection Warrior talents, abilities, and glyphs as of Patch 4.0.1. My warrior as an average item level of about 254 with 4 piece T10. You can see my current prot talent tree below. This spec is just the spec i thought would be ideal at the time. Mastery rating for a protection warrior is excellent as it gives block rating and critical block rating.

Protection Warrior Talent Tree 4.0.1

Protection Warrior Talent Tree 4.0.1

Protection Warrior Stats 4.0.1

Protection Warrior Stats 4.0.1

With minimal reforging on my ICC gear I was able to get near 26,000 armor, 32% block, 19% parry, and 23% dodge. I have ran a few 5mans with my current stats and it seems as if I am having problems with threat. Not sure if its something that I am missing or what but I’m sure ill get it worked out one of these days. Unbuffed im at around 44,000 HP. I reforged some of my parry rating to mastery rating which I personally find more beneficial.

Protection Warrior Glyphs

Prime Glyphs
1. Glyph of Shield Slam – Increases the damage of your Shield Slam by 10%
2. Glyph of Revenge – Increases the damage of Revenge by 10%
3. Glyph of Devastate –  Increases the critical strike chance of Devastate by 5%

Major Glyphs
1. Glyph of Heroic Throw – Your Heroic Throw applies a stack of Sunder Armor.
2. Glyph of Thunder Clap – Increases the radius of your Thunder Clap by 2 yards
3. Glyph of Sunder Armor – Your Sunder Armor affects and additional nearby target

Minor Glyphs
1. Glyph of Berserker Rage – Your Berserker Rage generates 5 rage when used
2. Glyph of Command – Increases the duration by 2 minutes and area of affect by 50% of your Commanding Shout
3. Glyph of Battle – Increases the duration by 2 minutes and area of affect by 50% of your Battle Shout

Protection Warrior Talent Info

Right off the bat I noticed a new talent point called Blood and Thunder. When you Thunder Clap a target affected by your Rend, you have a 100% chance to affect all targets with Rend. I thought this would be a nice upgrade in AOE threat but it doesn’t seem to help to much. I do also hate the fact that Cleave is now on a 3 second cooldown but its not to bad. I personally think the talent point Impending Victory is pretty nice. This talent allows you to use Victory Rush that heals you for 5% of your health. This can only be triggered from using Devastate on a target at or below 20% health.

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